Ableton Users -- Upgrade Advice needed!
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    Default Ableton Users -- Upgrade Advice needed!

    Ok, so i have Live 8, and am absolutely in love. It combined with Komplete 7 has kept me interested for quite some time.. But after recently trying a demo of M4L i fell in love with the possibilities it opened up in live and after a couple days was using my APC40 in amazing ways that i had always wanted to.. So I saved up with the intentions of getting M4L on my regular version of Live.. After telling a buddy he think I should upgrade to Ableton Suite first and fully learn ableton before i start messing with the M4L stuff. I see his point, but i thought i would get some more input.

    What would ya'll recommend for a more production type person that DJ's occasionally, MaxForLive or Upgrading to Suite???
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    If you like M4L get it, it's a lot of fun, and a lot of possibilities. You have Komplete 7, that in itself is a lot of software and possibilities of sound. Over the years I have bought a few additions to Ableton, mainly Operator and Sampler. I use FM8 or Reaktor WAY more than Operator. I could not live without Sampler though. I too have often thought to upgrade to Suite, but it really seems pointless to me to do it when a newer version of Live is inevitable, and I should just wait till a new version comes out and take advantage of an upgrade to suite then. The only point I see in owning suite is Ableton every now and then gives something away to suite owners. Wether you like what they are giving away is questionable.

    I use M4L a whole lot, especially with my APC40.

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    Suite just adds instruments and some effects. If you're happy with Kompleteľand I'm not sure why you wouldn't beľthen it won't add anything.

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    M4L for the win, especially for the APC40....


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