Traktor Pro 2 with VCI100 freezes
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    Default Traktor Pro 2 with VCI100 freezes

    Not problem in home setup.

    In bar with reasonable amount of noise vci100 is placed on foam and laptop in a stand with SSD Hard drive.

    Traktor locks up for aprox 7 secs whilst music still plays causing a near heart attack then springs back to life again.

    This has happened twice now in same setting. Previously using the original hard drive (non ssd) which i though may have been the cause. first time i was browsing folders this time i was not touching the laptop.

    Set up

    2.4 core 2 duo
    windows 7 32bit
    4gig ram
    60gig SSD drive
    vci100 connected with DJtechtools usb cable (not psu) latest Djtechtools FW
    Audio 2 dj card connected through djtechtools usb cable

    traktor set up. 2.0.3 using modified TP2 tsi from user on dj techtools. though was previously using the tsi from TP1 from djtechtools and TP 2.0.2
    External mixer set up

    anyone else experienced simular issue?
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    It's to do with your "outs" on the VCI, atleast that was my problem before I got my mac. Something to do with the way Windows handles midi messages. Can you replicate the lock up at all? If you can, try to replicate it with the "outs" on the VCI mapping set to none. If that works then there is a thread with a couple of programs that will stop the problem all together.

    Try the above for now while I find the thread mate.


    ok try these mate
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