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    I am about to swear by the name of the midi fighters and as I went through the creative process of it I noticed I could use the midi fighter logo backwards to resemble a W, which would afterwards be followed by an S and a 4, put together those are the initials for WhitestarIV, but also the midi fighters and S4's. But I'm still open to suggestions about the typography on the S and the 4. Any ideas?

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    I think you should stick to your onw idea.
    I think it will look great, and a tattoo is for a lifetime, so i think you would be more proud of it when you designed it yourself.

    The only thing, if you really want some more ideas, is just a WhiteStar en a 4 somewhere in it, of something like that.
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    go into the closest college you can find and the art department, an art student would draw something up in seconds, even give them a listen to your kind of music and let them design it around that...
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