Need Help With Setup (newbie)
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    Default Need Help With Setup (newbie)

    Okay so I need a little help, and / or reccommendations.

    So my setup so far consists of a

    Behringer vmx 1000 Mixer

    Pioneer Cmx 3000

    Now what do I need next, obviously I need some speakers as desktop pc speakers won't work , what amp?)
    And what reccomendations do you have for external soundcards, as I can only hear music at the moment through a single channel.

    Im only going to be bedroom djing to begin with , then maybe get gigs as I increase my ability.

    What cables do I need to connect everything too, or should they come with the extra components.

    I will be using virtual dj pro

    Any Help would be appreciated As im frustrated that I can't start playing and mixing yet.

    Thanks peeps Tommy Cee

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    For speakers the KRK rockit's seem to be pretty popular for bedroom use and can even handle some smaller parties. No need for an amp with those since they're powered. You'll need XLR to either 1/4 TRS or XLR depending on what speakers you get.

    For sound card if you're going to be using Traktor Scratch then you'll need either an Audio 4, 6, 8 or 10
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    +1 on the krk rokits! Very nice speakers and for the sound card I have a focusrite saffire 6 and I love it...great sound quality! And what photo said with the cables depending on what speakers you get you will either need XLR or TRS cables..

    What's your budget?
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    How do u have the cmx and mixer hooked up if you don't have a sound card unless u are using the vmx USB thing. Then I think u already have a sound card.

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    i second getting rokkits, for a starter setup get rokkit 5's i personally use bx8a's from m-audio but i also produce fulltime... any of the native instruments cards will work fine, but you can get a good presonus one if you plan on producing as well

    personally for a setup like yours a Presonus uadio box ($100-150USD) with krk rokkit 5's ($300USD) should work fine. you will need XLR to 1/4 cables for the speakers and RCA cables for the turntables/mixer

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