[OT] I got to guest appear on an S4 last night!
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    Default [OT] I got to guest appear on an S4 last night!

    I was feeling pretty cooped up Friday night so I went to see my friend play a set at one of the local bars in town. It was decently crowded.

    After a few drinks he said that the last DJ had to cancel so he would have to fill his spot. He wasn't interested in doing a 3 hour set so he asked if I would jump on the S4 for 45 minutes or so. I was nervous about a few things (mainly that I didn't know how his effects were mapped or where his cue points were, oh yeah, or what kind of music he had!:eek but I said screw it (I just won't use effects and cue points, he has good taste in music too).

    In about 10 minutes I was warmed up and people actually started dancing (it was only about 11:30 at this point). I stuck mainly to a 2 deck mix but dropped a few things into the sample decks. Did some light scratching. Pulled off a few good mixes but it was mostly looping and stuttering type stuff. Rode the filter too hard a few times (it's a crutch!). Played mostly top 40, hip hop, club/dance, dubstep, and a couple of requests for country music (people in Ohio love that shit).

    Before I knew it he'd let me go for about 1 hr 15 min! Then he jumped on his Maschine and started improv'ing some rockin' beats. It was a great collab and I've never had more fun DJ'ing in my life.

    The floor was moving. Then my friend said I was showing him up (joking though). He took over and tore it up. Then I had a blast dancing to his set and getting drinks poured down my throat

    I am definitely getting an S4 when I have the money!
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    Nice one man
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    That's wassup. Sweet post :-)

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    thats awesome dude! way to do work
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