VCI-100 map help - KEEP IT SIMPLE!
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    Default VCI-100 map help - KEEP IT SIMPLE!

    Hi forum hounds,
    this is my first post here, and I'm sure there will be much derision from the more experienced members, but so what?
    I should say that I have browsed the forum for answers to my questions, but not a lot makes simple sense, and my search facility came up with precisely 0 answers to "VCI-100 Traktor Mapping"!

    I am not computer illiterate, far from it, but I have found that everything to do with programming the buttons and knobs on my VCI-100 is so complicated or irrelevant, it makes me

    All I know is this:
    I have a VCI-100 (not SE)
    I have Traktor 1.2.7

    I have used them both successfully from 'scratch' (using them both with my Macbook Pro with 10.6.8), without changing controller programming options, but am missing lots of functionality that would appear to me to be sensible to have available, and appear to have lots of redundant buttons/knobs that I would like to re-program to do the things I want
    I can understand the basic principle of how to adjust and set mapping pathways up in the controller manager section of the preferences in Traktor, but all the ones already in there are mapped to things like Ch01. CC. 070, or Ch01.Note.F4 etc.

    How do I find out what knobs and buttons are represented by what Midi keys? And what do the CC.070-type codes refer to?
    And is the an explanation to the Modifiers/Interactions/LED modes/Controller ranges etc?

    If I knew all the relative Midi keys for each button and knob, I think I could probably program the changes in that I want, for instance, change what is now the balance knob on each deck (which I never use) in to a knob that controls the key knob in traktor.

    And is it possible to program a button on each deck to jog through to the cue points I have set for my tracks? Currently I get frustrated when I load in a track and have to use the mouse/trackpad on my macbook to click on these in the track window.

    Any help is appreciated - kid gloves please, I may be ignorant, but not a fool!

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    click on this link, download the the tsi, import into Traktor and you'll have everything you need!

    For video of how this mapping works click this and scroll down

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    Thanks, but honestly, that doesn't really answer my questions, sorry.
    I have already seen those Ean Golden videos, and I don't want to go down that route, if I don't have to.

    Can anyone tell me how to re-program the traktor map myself?

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    Pretty please?

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