ReMapp Slice/Echo buttons for pitch bend
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    Default ReMapp Slice/Echo buttons for pitch bend

    Hi there, anyone know how i can remapp the current buttons next to the left of cue/play for pitch bend buttons instead? I dont use the effects buttons and when you turn off the pitch bend (scratch button) because of vibrations from the club you have to use the touch sensitive platter. Would be great to use the buttons instead.

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you know how to midi map at all?

    Make a duplicate of the tis so you don't mess it up.

    Go into the mappings and work out the midi message of the buttons you want to change.

    Check the modifier settings that are set for slice and echo buttons that are associated with decks a and b

    Add the pitch bend functions to the two buttons then look for slice an eccho commands that are associated with those buttons and delete them.

    If that doesn't make sense you need to do some rtfm bidnuz

    Good luck
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