IPHONE + VESTAX VCI 100 MK2 + Traktor
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    Exclamation IPHONE + VESTAX VCI 100 MK2 + Traktor

    Hello Everyone!!

    I'm writing this because i want you guys to tell me how can i connect my iphone to my Vestax VCI 100 mk2 + Traktor Pro in order to maybe add some effects/samples while i mix with the controller and the traktor?

    Also, where do i have to plug my Iphone? (in the controller)

    And which cable can i use for that?

    Also what app can combine the Iphone + the Vestax controller + Traktor Pro

    Thanks everyone

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    You can't plug your iPhone into your controller.

    What you can do is download a midi app, such as TouchOSC (http://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/touch...288120394?mt=8) for your iPhone and connect to your computer via Wifi. Here's an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t25ST...eature=related

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    i don't see what the big hype on using a DJ app on iphone or ipad is???... You already can controll the effects and customize the midi mappings... So many dj's over-complicate the mix and cannot mix well b/c they are sooooooooooo focused on things they don't need for a mix...

    sorry for the rant but dj'ing is about song selection, crowd reading, and blending skills....
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    Quote Originally Posted by DjLiquitATL View Post
    sorry for the rant but in my opinion dj'ing is about song selection, crowd reading, and blending skills....

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