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    I am looking for an iPad app that will work with torq like a trigger finger. Something I can load drops and samples into and use on the side along with my xponant and my mac. Do anyone have any suggestions?

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    Touchosc.... Make whatever you want
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    have you ever set it up with an xponent? is it easy to map? im new to most of this stuff.

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    Its as easy as any other midi controller to map, its just you actually have to design your controller in the editor software first.

    Ive setup mappings and got them working on my pc in traktor. My problem is lacking creativity hahaha
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    yes.. creativity seems to be the hard part in mine too haha!

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    Yeah, TouchOSC is the way You can send midi messages from it now so no need for translation.

    I'd recommend you build a simple 16 pad design first and then add more functions if needed, but remember to keep the buttons' size friendly.

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    awesome! ill play around with it more! thanks for the info!!

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