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    Default New Tech House Mix

    Give me feedback good or bad and please follow / comment

    Thanks guys
    -= DejaVoo =-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dejavoo View Post

    Give me feedback good or bad and please follow / comment
    I listened to your mix while doing chores around the house and working on my to-do list. In general your mixing was pretty solid, your mix ins were a bit loud but I didn't notice any significant mistakes. Wish you had given a tracklist when posting either here or soundcloud so I could know what it is that I'm listening to.

    It was sounding a bit samey-samey to me in the lead up to the Lilly Allen vocal around 23 minutes. I was glad to have the vocal to "grab on to". It's about 32 minutes now and I haven't had much else to grab onto. This could be ok if this is the part of the mix where you take it..... deeeeeep. Definitely on the techy side of techy-housez by 34 minutes. I'm waiting for something to happen, so happy to hear the vocal at 34:15.

    I ultimately listened to your whole mix while doing data entry for my bills. It was mixed fine in a technical sense but I feel like a sense of artistic progression was somewhat lacking. The mix seemed to stay at the same energy level all mix long. I'm not sure I would, other than the Lily Allen vocal, be able to point to any particular part of the mix while trying to describe it to someone else.

    Anyway, thanks for providing a soundtrack for my chores! Hope the feedback is useful!

    !!! AWESOMER !!!

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