Traktor Scratch+Vci100 as standalone mixer??
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    Default Traktor Scratch+Vci100 as standalone mixer??

    First my Setup:
    2xTechnics Turntables
    1x Denon Dn-X 1500 Mixer
    1x Vci 100
    1xAudio 4dj Soundcard with Traktor Pro
    1x M-Audio Fast Track pro Soundcard..
    2xStudio Monitors

    Now my question
    I use the Audio 4 Soundcard and i would like to use my Vci100 as Mixer instead my Denon when im in Timecode Mode..i cant figure out how to do this.
    i cannot route both decks to the headphones knobs at the vci in internal mode.only 1 deck.the fader is working when i switch to internal but not the headphone..
    someone got the same setup 4 djing with timecode and the vci??
    and how do i have to connect and route it.or is it not possible with the audio 4 card??
    i would like to use it like the guy in this video.

    [ame=""]Dailymotion - DJ Troubl' @ NAMM - une vidéo Music@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

    many thnx 4 answers and help..

    greetz bLaZe

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    I do exactly the same with an audio 8, using a VCI100 SE as my mixer, with a copy of TSP 2 and 2xTechnics 1210s and running the line out of the soundcard into the house mixer when I play.

    What version of TSP are you using?
    Is it the SE version of the VCI with the improved hardware?
    What MIDI mapping are you using?
    Traktor Scratch Pro 2/Serato SL1/Ecler NUO 3.0/VCI 100 SE/2 x Technics 1210 Mk2/Sennheiser HD25 II/Novation Dicers

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    i am using tsp2 and the vci 100 on fw1.4.but the audio 4 only have 2 channel in and outputs..
    i have no chance to get back to the house you use the multicore cables or do you connect the turntable directly to the soundcard..

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