Akai APC 40 + American Audio VMS4
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    Default Akai APC 40 + American Audio VMS4

    Hey everyone, quick question here.

    Myself and a friend of mine would like to use his American Audio VMS4 controller, running VDJ, in tandem with my Akai APC40 running Ableton Live 8.2.1 on two seperate Macbook's. We would like to be able to hear what eachother are cueing in VDJ and Ableton, and if possible even route VDJ's audio into Live or vice versa so that Ableton's effects can be used on the VDJ tracks. Is there some type of audio interface that would allow us to do so? If so, what are you're recommendations and if anyone has any experience running these two pieces of equipment together any advice you have would be much appreciated. I've seen a few forum posts on running Ableton Live & Virtual DJ together, but they have all been using just one PC, whereas we are running two Macbook's. (Ableton on one, VDJ on the other)

    Thanks guys! Love the forum, finally had to register.

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    Default Akai APC 40 + American Audio VMS4

    If the vms4 has a midi out you can route it to the apc40 midi in and send your midi clock from vdj through the vms4 to the Apc and then into ableton. To route audio you just use a soundcard from one computer running vdj, put it into the input of the soundcard on the other computer running ableton and set that input to route through a channel in ableton. You could also do midi over ip using an Ethernet cable but I'm not sure how to do that.

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    Default vms4 to apc 40

    I to just got a vms4 and was planning on hooking it up to an apc40. I had one a few months ago but decided to sell it because I didn't have the time to commit. With summer coming up though I plan on getting a new one and playing around. I was also thinkin about adding a kaoss pad for the dynamic live fx control. Will most def be coming back to this thread.

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