So i know a lot of people probably have never heard of this thing. But I desperately needed this after my laptop was fried and all my music was backed up on a bunch of CDs and flash drives. So everyone knows that most times when you rip a CD the songs are labeled Track 01, Track 02, and so on. So, how do you tell which song it is in iTunes? You can right click it and edit the info of the song - but I am not willing to do that for the 1200 songs in my library. So I saw this one day.

Now right off the bat, it is fairly high priced for such a small plugin. But once you actually start to use it, you will understand why. Firstly, this thing has amazing performance. Almost all of my songs had album art, info, and tons more in a matter of 10 minutes! This also deletes duplicates of songs, which thank god for this thing because I had about 100 duplicates! Another great thing about this plugin is that its super easy to use. Just drag and drop onto the sidebar and it cleans whatever songs you like. I highly recommend this thing, its amazing. Now I don't have to spend 30 minutes writing info every time a friend lends me a CD. For DJs, Producers, or anyone who is keeping up to date with their music library this plugin is a must!