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    Okay, so I am going to build my own Traktor Controller out of a Livid brain. And I have made at least 50 different layouts until I found this one that is perfect. Then another problem came into mind. LEDs. Rumor is that the brain only supports 48 LEDs. Does that include the illuminating keypads? I mean, their Ohm64 has more than 48 LEDs and that uses the Livid Brain doesn't it? If the keypads do count as each one of those LEDs someone please tell me so I can remake my layout.

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    If I remember right the Ohm uses a different firmware. I'll try to find the post on the livid forums, but someone from livid explained it a while ago.

    Also, keypads do count. Each button that lights up is one from the 48

    Edit: To many posts on the livid forum dealing with led builder brain and ohm
    it exists though if you want to dig for it
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