Progressive Psy Mix "Roll your Dice!" 2hrs
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    Default Progressive Psy Mix "Roll your Dice!" 2hrs

    link to my latest progressive psy mix "roll your dice!" 2 hrs finest progressive psy tunes!

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    I listened to the first hour of your 2 hour mix while playing Baldur's Gate 1 Tutu. It kept the energy level up and was a good soundtrack for the death of many computerized monsters. Here is my brief feedback.

    - I am not a huge fan of or very familiar this genre, but I think on some level I may actually like it more than either Psy trance or Progressive trance alone?

    - On the other hand, there weren't a whole lot of "hooks" to grab onto. For music called "progressive" and "psychedelic", it was mostly just friendly and bleepy?

    - In general the mixing was good, though I heard a few "off" mixes.

    - I turned it off after about an hour because that's about how much trance (of any kind, really) I can take. But it was a pretty pleasant hour!

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!

    !!! AWESOMER !!!

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    Mindfloat can you put up a tracklist for me please cheers, J
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