first time poster- Electro house/dubstep mix
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    Default first time poster- Electro house/dubstep mix

    hello DJ tech tools! ive been a long time follower and fan of everything you guys do with digital dj'ing. I started mixing about a year and a half ago and finally feel comfortable enough that its time to start branching out and getting feedback on my work. Please enjoy and let me know how it sounds i look forward to being a part of the community

    Click here to see it on Mixcloud

    Track list
    Bart B More- Now Lay Around (Peace Treaty Ketchup remix)
    Benny Benassi- Satisfaction ( Funk D 2010 remix)
    Chuckie- Let The Bass Kick (R3hab remix)
    Ron Carrol- Bump to Dis (Belocca& Soneec remix)
    Javi Mula vs Sub Focus- Come Higher (Steve C Mashup)
    Tek-One - Pressure
    Flux Pavillion & Erebus- Audio Pest

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    I listened to your mix at 11pm on a sunday night. Here's my feedback.

    - The play button on the mixcloud player is in the middle of your face. Lol? I click on your face..

    - I don't like mixcloud because it makes it kinda a hassle for me to hear your mix with any amplification. Lack of download link = kinda bummer.

    - I do appreciate that mixcloud encourages/forces you to include a tracklist! That way, I knew that this was likely to be music that is not my particular taste. Why isn't the tracklist timed, like I've seen other mixes? I like to know which track is playing..

    - Mixing two tracks with vocals in them can be a bit much, though this first mix (now lay around / satisfaction) I think sounds good.

    - 4:20 and I'm pretty tired of "Satisfaction", hoping you mix soon..

    - 5:15, seems like good stylistic mix, straight beat versus the more shuffley "satisfaction" .. but a third vocal in three tracks? getting vocal-ed out.. glad the track breaks down a bit..

    - 7:30 and you're mixing again. As mentioned, I don't care for this style of music, but you have picked tracks which generally fit well together. Unfortunately "bump to dis" also has a vocal. Four for four! Funky beat after the drop on "bump to dis" however.

    - 11:41, pretty exciting build.. I'm a little concerned you're about to mix in another vocal, however. Actually, I'm not too concerned, I'm pretty sure you are. Seems to be a little quiet when it drops. Also, LOL fucking HIP HOUSE. Where's Kid 'n' Play when you need them? If I was on an airplane, would I BE FLY???

    - 13:25 and I guess you're mixing/breaking it down.. might this be the elusive beast known as "track without a vocal"? Yeah, sounds like it... pretty decent sounding dubstep/slowobble track. Good choice for this point in the mix, as there's only one more track to go...

    - 15:10 and you're mixing, I am a bit scared about flux pavillion. will this be the proper outro track I am hoping for, or are we going to go back "up" in minute 18 of a 20 minute mix? speaking of which, 20 minutes is a weird length for a mix.

    - 16:24, yep, we're back "up" and with a sorta pointless iteration of the "high volume" sample. I guess this is the outro track? I think I would have gone with something like the Tek-One track instead of this...

    - 19:00, at least the mix will end on an appropriate phrase. and it does! yay!

    Summary : Pretty solid mixing skills, your levels were good if a little quiet overall, the few longer blends were pretty solid in terms of EQ and so forth. Phrasing was solid throughout. Too much vocal for me, vocals give a lot of personality but IMO unless you're making a mixtape for a girl or playing on the radio, you should give the vocals a little room to breathe. Make a longer mix next time.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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