Energetic Drum and Bass Mix
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    Default Energetic Drum and Bass Mix


    If you like Jumpy,Energetic Drum and Bass check this mix out


    1. TMS FT Jagga - I Need You (Shockone remix)
    2. Pendulum - Ransom
    3. Subfocus - Stomp
    4. Tantrum Desire - Pay your own way
    5. 2DB - Original Sound system style
    6. Nero - Do you wanna
    >> Subfocus - Timewarp
    7. 2DB - Turkish Delight
    8. Genetic Bros - Apollo
    9, Tantrum Desire - Higher
    10 .Shimon - The Shadow Knows (Dirtyphonics remix)
    11. Mind Vortex - Generator
    12. Tantrum Desire - Play Tonight
    13. Wilkinson - Refugee

    Would appreciate any feedback

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    I listened to your mix while working out. It was good energetic music for this purpose. Below is some brief commentary.

    - It seems like you started at a "10" for energy level and kept it there. There wasn't much progression of energy level over the course of the 30 minutes.

    - I don't like this genre of music. I feel like every track sounds exactly the same, but clearly people such as yourself who DJ this music must not feel that way, because they do mixes like this one. I recognized "Time Warp" by Sub Focus from the Church DNB Rave videos by airloaf, lol. I don't feel like there's much more I can usefully say about your track selection other than it's not my taste.

    - While there were occasional samples and vocals, I don't feel like your mix gave me much to hold on to. Some bass.. some drums.. some spacey sounds.. and then it's over.. ? I know not all mixes have to be "about something" but this was a little "faceless" for me. I don't feel like I know much more about what kind of DJ or human being "Hey Zeus" is after listening to this mix.

    - In general your levels and mixing phrasing, and overall mixing skills were on point and soild. From looking at the waveform on soundcloud it looks like many of them are pretty slammed but I somewhat presume that's on the original and not a result of your mixing.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Thanks man, Really appreciate your comments, like you said if you not really into Drum and Bass and more specifically this style you wont be inclined for repeat listens.

    I tried to make the mix as energetic as possible with a solid mixing style but sometimes its pointless when your listener is not even going to notice very subtle change because he/she is not aware of the song, which is a mistake on my part as I always assume everyone knows the music genre very well.

    Anyway I am going to try my future mixes more contemporary with different genres of music incorporated into Drum and Bass.

    If you are interested I do have another mix I played live at a club in South Africa which is more of a story development.

    Cheers mate


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