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Here we go, Hotmess 011. Like the past few mixes it's all about that smooth, subtle groove to keep you dancing and moving. Included on of my originals as well so keep an eye out for it! Think it fits in nicely with the mix, with the it climaxing to the Tony Lionni tune, Timelss. The name says it all I think, nothing trendy or hip with what's going on at the moment. Just a solid old school vibe tune that does it's own thing so well.

Hope you guys enjoy this one as much as I loved making it!

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Always looking to play tracks from up and coming artists so don't be shy now.

Cheers and enjoy the tunes!

Tracklisting for your convenience,

01. Donor & Truss - Noson (Truss Dub)

02. Davide Squillace - The Other Side of Bed

03. Yaya - Talk to Your Heart

04. Franck Roger - Love Call (Dyed Soundorom Keeps Calling Remix)

05. Jason Bay - B& C

06. Felipe Venegas & Hanfry Martinez - Juan Y La Banda

07. Andreas Bergman - Tirar de la Cadena

08. Marascia - Watcha

09. Posh 111 - Dien

10. Tony Lionni - Timeless