Traktor Pro crashes before it starts because of VCI-100 firmware?
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    Default Traktor Pro crashes before it starts because of VCI-100 firmware?

    Hey guys-
    I've been using Traktor for a couple of years now and recently upgraded to Pro. This week I [finally] got my VCI-100. It is, without a doubt, firmware 1.1. I plugged it all up, and I haven't gotten any response at all from the VCI. My computer (a HP tablet running Vista) recognizes it, but Traktor isn't taking any of the signal. I grabbed a tsi file from Ean to see if that may solve the problem.
    After loading the tsi file, though, nothing changes, but once I leave Traktor Pro, I can't run it again. I get a "Traktor has stopped working" message every time i try to load it up before the program even opens. This continues until I completely uninstall Traktor and reinstall it. Then I'm back to square one... A working program with and still no controller.
    Is this a firmware problem, or am I overlooking something silly?

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    The VCI 100 does suffer from some USB device driver issues, I cant describe the fix as Ive only had to implement it once, but basically your computer is recognising it as the wrong type of USB device due to drivers you have loaded for a joystick or soundcard or sumtin. I think the fix is described on the vestax website.

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