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    Hi All,

    Will the above soundcard still only allow me to mix internally ?

    It only has 4 mono outs meaning 2 pairs. This means one pair for master and one for Monitoring .. is that right ??

    I would really like to get one that would allow me to mix externally as with only just starting out (digitally) and having quite a bit of kit (analogue stuff, decent mixer, technics etc ...) I dont want to get a soundcard that doesnt allow me to mix externally and then end up wanting to, meaning more money wasted.

    Any suggestions ... I guess i need 4 pairs of outputs to future proof myself.

    Its all for bedroom mixing, no gigs so it doesnt have to be massivly robust, just low latency firewire if poss.

    Any suggestions ?

    I dont even thing the firebox gives 4 pairs of outs does it?

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    If you have 2 sets of outputs you can route Deck A to Output 1/2 & Deck B to Output 3/4 on external mode and hook up your headphones to the external mixer.
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    ahh so that would give me 2 channel external mixing .... possibility

    Just re-read about the Firebox and that states 6 inputs or 10 outputs ! Hows that work as i can only see 8 plugs in total on the back of it ?

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    there are the digital outs and i think they also count the headphone outs in front.
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    I am having an issue using the headphone jack for cueing or pre-listening as it's called now. Can anyone assist?

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