"Summer Closing 2011" Progressive Psy/Psytrance
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    Exclamation "Summer Closing 2011" Progressive Psy/Psytrance

    little pit stop here at the forums

    check out my new mix "Summer Closing 2011" if you love progressive psy!


    enjoy summer 2011 for a last time before we go into a hopefully truly magic autumn!

    good weekend all

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    I listened to about an hour of your mix while watching my girlfriend play Baldur's Gate Tutu. Here's my feedback!

    - Moar tracklistings = moar listens. Thanks for the download link!

    - I liked the intro track, it sounded.. intro-ey.

    - The early scratching (?) was interesting but ultimately a bit much for me.

    - One of the tracks was pretty housey! Around 18 minutes? I almost forgot I was listening to a trance mix..

    - I am not a huge fan of either genre, but given that, I liked your track selection and balance of what I would identify as psy vs. progressive.

    - In general I think you made limited and reasonable use of effects.

    - I only heard a few mixes which were slightly rough, probably nothing a non-dj-listener would hear.

    - 2 hours is about an hour longer than I usually want to listen to a mix, but this is my personal taste!

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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