Original Launchpad Live Dubstep Video
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    Arrow Original Launchpad Live Dubstep Video

    I am performing my original track:


    you can download the mp3 here:

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    I listened to your track while sitting on the couch, just before watching episode 2 of Misfits, no spoilers. Here's my feedback!

    - I like the video format, futuristic and nice to see elements of live performance.

    - I liked the intro/build and the drum programming. I feel like maybe you could have used a few more drum edits, they seemed to get a bit busy/repetitive.

    - I enjoyed all the synth sounds and so forth, including the bass sound.

    - I was a bit confused as to why the track ended so soon. I started getting into a groove and then all of a sudden it was over. Didn't even stay for breakfast in the morning!

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!

    (PS- Woo hoo! Post 100!!! Go me!)
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