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    Quote Originally Posted by jezalenko View Post
    Barnsy gets on your nerves after a while hey?

    (Although crowd at the pub love singing along to Khe Sanh after a few )
    they sure do unfortunately...

    myself i prefer drunken singing to dragon's rain

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    I'm a 100% non-commercial EDM head. I mostly listen to deep house, techno and minimal, though i love certain flavors of dnb, dubstep (think Burial and Kode9), and anything in between that floats my boat.

    Why am I a EDM head you ask? Well, because i grew up on it. My dad was a tribal-house/electro dj from the late 90's to the early 00's with a few shows afterward. In his peak, he headlined almost every weekend in Milwaukee.

    As a little guy, I grew up listening to him playing his sets and thought it was way cooler than the crap i heard on t.v., so ever since, i've just stuck to EDM and can barely name famous "normal" artists.

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