Some Hardstyle for DJTT
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    Default Some Hardstyle for DJTT

    I made this just for fun, for a friend (i never record mixes).. I've been picking up some hardstyle tunes here and there and thought I'd throw a couple of them together!

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    Reminds me of my club going days, good stuff bud... by chance do you know where to get alot of this kind of (hard house? I don't know what they call it these days) from circa 2000-2002 or so...that is what I went out to back then and it always gives me a little smile
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    I'm not too sure what exactly what its called... I've heard nu-style and hardstyle, but I heard it as hardstyle first so thats just what I've called it.

    When I feel like getting my dance on I just google or youtube "melodic hardstyle".. then beatport the tunes I like! always fun to drop a few into a set!
    cheesy.. but fun!

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