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    I came up with a new controllerism setup today that I feel I should share. Never seen anyone doing it, and given it involves a MF Pro and the fact DJTechTools inspired my interest in controllerism, I thought I should stick it up here to give you an idea if you're in a creative block, or inspire something new

    Basically, in Ableton, I take a track I want to jam on, stick an instance of iZotope Stutter Edit on it. Then take another audio track, and route the audio from the previous track pre-FX into this. Then I plug in my midi fighter, and tweak a Stutter Edit preset so that each button (and knob and fader end points) triggers a different stutter. I then make the crossfader on my APC40 to cross fade between the two audio tracks.

    A relatively simple setup, but it means you can have one hand on the crossfader, one bashing away on the midi fighter, and you can jam away for hours . Feels (and sounds) a little bit like an old school dj doing a scratch routine, but with a very new school feel to it too. Lots of fun! The arcade buttons really make it a whole level more fun and playable then other midi buttons

    Anyways, also like to give a thanks to DJTechtools for inspiring me keep it creative!

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    Yes, but you don't need a midi fighter, any keyboard would work well and Stutter edit has lots of presets. Now, if one could properly route Traktor S4 output to Ableton Live....

    Also, wouldn't it be easier to just have one track and the controller activates various Stutter edit presets on a down and no need to do a cross-over switch?

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    i initially had it just setup on the one track, but then i couldn't modulate the wet/dry-ness of the effect, and i personally find a lot of the presets work better mixed in with the original signal. hence the cross-fade

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    Will Marshall's APC40 Ableton DJ template does this, except it uses Ableton's effects. I've personalized mine to include Turnado and Effectrix from Sugar Bytes.

    Template here, yo:
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