Goto Cue & Play is now simply Play/Pause
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    Question Goto Cue & Play is now simply Play/Pause

    I have been giving the new vci100 mapping for TP2 a go (sample decks etc) it's paces and I've run into a problem that I believe I've had before but can't remember the solution.

    In the original .tsi I could press play button (farthest of 4 on the right below each platter) while the track was playing, and when no juggle/fadefx etc was enabled it would jump me back to my last cuepoint and play from there. I would use it to manually loop tracks, time my own drops etc.etc.etc.

    Since I've tried the new tsi for TP2 I can no longer use this functionality it (admittedly unsurprisingly so) simply plays and pauses my track.

    I don't think I should be looking at CUP as I don't want to set another cuepoint, I want to flashback to my previous and play from there.

    Sorry for this brainfart, but I'd appreciate a little help



    Apparently in this new tsi you need to hold shift - not exactly a design flaw just different I suppose.
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