New to the Forum... 15-Minute Micro-Mix
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    Default New to the Forum... 15-Minute Micro-Mix

    Hi all,

    I'm one of those guys that just hangs out in the back and reads the articles, watches the videos, and dabbles as a forum spectator. We'll call this my forum debut. I have been a DJ for many years but only recently came back from what we'll call a 'hiatus.' It took me long enough to get around to it, but I pieced together a 15-minute mix over the past couple days. It's an amalgamation of several genres including electro house, mash-up/top 40 remixes, classic rock, and a whole lot more. I planned the set for a couple days rehearsing scenes within the greater arrangement, but what you're about to listen to is a 100% live unedited cut of my first time playing the set through in its entirety.

    Let me know your thoughts. Try not to be too brutal because I'm still shaking the rust off. If nothing else, I hope you can get out of your desk chairs and shake your asses a bit.

    With love and debauchery,

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    Welcome to the forums

    I really enjoyed your mix, favourite part was definatly the zeplan rulez drop at 13.05mins. but the track prior to that was lacking the energy of the rest of the mix.(the sound quality was not as good?) would of liked to have heard some other elements in there to give it more depth. I would also be keen to hear more mixes from you as although this mix got me shaking in my work chair, I had just got my sweat on & it was all over rover. I am left wanting more.
    Good intro to djtt though mate. I am yet to share any of my mixes so good on ya for jumping straight in with this mini mix.

    P.s ALWAYS post a tracklist
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    overall pretty good mix man. one thing that did stick out a little bit is that there is a bit of key clashing in some of your transitions. Its nothing major, and I am being a bit of a stickler for pointing it out. solutions would be using your song intros and song structure or getting mixed in key.

    keep rocking man!!
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