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    Default APC20 Question

    would the APC20 do a decent job of handling 2 sample decks?

    i have some money and i have an addiction to tech so i wanted to redesign my setup

    Kontrol X1 to handle A+B deck Cues and FX deck 1+2
    X Session Pro to handle mixer stuff
    LPD8 to handle fx 3+4
    APC20 to handle Sample Decks C+D

    but i dont want to spend all my money so for now, i would like to buy an apc20. wold it handle 2 sample decks?

    could anyone suggest something better to handle samples below 175$? thats the highest i wanna spend on a controller currently. also, no Kontrol X1. looking for other choices
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    APC20 would be sufficient to handle 2 sample decks. The faders would also give you some room to add effect controls or something else. You could also go with another LPD8, which is probably your cheapest alternative.

    But, for those recommendations... Novation's Nocturn or ZeRO SL MK2 might be worth looking at. I'd definitely replace those knobs with something more tactile, though. One of the Faderfox controllers might be a good search as well.

    Edit: Forgot about Behringer! :P
    The BCR/BCF/BCN look pretty damn handy.
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