It started off as a house mix...
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    Post It started off as a house mix...

    Here is my newest mix which starts of with house then turns into something different. It wasnt a planned mix more of me just messing around and recoding it

    Would love some feedback

    Also looking at getting a new controller,
    Maybe the:
    Traktor Kontrol S2

    Any one any suggestions

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    I listened to your mix, streamed via subsonic on my phone, on my Sony DJ Headphones, last night while reading "Hammered" by Elizabeth Bear ([ame=""] Hammered (9780553587500): Elizabeth Bear: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]). Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for the download link and proper soundcloud embed on DJTT. However, moar tracklistings = moar plays = moar feedback. And then I wouldn't have to ask you "what is that intro track with the vocal?" like I just did.

    - I really liked the intro bit with the vocal, gave it a good introey feel.

    - I liked your track selection and progression even though it was maybe a little.. unexpected? I wasn't quite sure what sort of mix I was listening to, but it was interesting and pleasant. I don't usually like this sort of.. soft.. progressive.. housey.. stuff, but it was.. nice?

    - Levels and harmonic transitions, phasing and phrasing were solid throughout.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!

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    Let me know when you post a tracklisting, interested in giving this a listen to

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