Ultranova? any others?
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    Default Ultranova? any others?

    Hi there! i want to buy a midi keyboard or a synth, and kinda like the novation ultranova, but i cant find anything here about it, anyone can recommend me something?? i should buy the ultranova or should i go with a regular midi controller? (axiom pro 49, novation sl mkii 49...)



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    hi mate, i bought one recently, good piece of kit, very flexible synth options, can run off usb bus power, wicked tweak feature, great arp and vocoder too.

    only comes with 300 preset sounds but can add unlimited with the vsti it comes with.

    the only slight down side is, it's not analogue, so the sound - whilst being good (albeit a bit of a jack of all trades) it doesn't have the rawness that synths like the dsi tetra and moog slim phatty have.

    all in all, if it's the first synth you're looking to buy, it's a good one, easy to program and edit patches and you'll have loads of fun with the vocoder, before you know it you'll be asking your family to make you tea using the vocoder lol.

    would defo recommend getting one of these, i doubt you'll be disappointed


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