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    I just recently blew out my subwoofer (it was pretty old) and im looking to get a new pair of monitors, my budget is up to 250. Also I am looking for a pair of monitors that have enough bass without needing a subwoofer aswell as also needing to be able to hook up to a audio 2 dj (output A needs to be for my headphones). I am a bedroom dj so i dont need crazy hz output.

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    i have a pair of krk rp6s g2 that are awesome!!! i love them alot...i was able to get them for 300$ but they go for 200$ a piece...and idk to much about the rp5s

    i would say go to a guitar center and test all the monitors out to see what you like!
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    qsc k12s and sub. <3 that's what i need niqqa

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    instead of starting another sub thread, i know im really fuckin cheap but anyone know of any subs under 100?

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