So I have some time to kill before i move to my dorm in two days. Decided to go down to local best buy and try the stanton 4d. I ended up staying for 4 hrs and messing around with it in the demo sound room.

SO at first look it doesn't seem like much, looks cheap and I was affraid it was an overpriced mixtrack. But low and behold Its actually built quite well. Study, has some weight to it.

The jog wheels actually worked quite well, I usually dont scratch, but i found with these it was pretty responsive and sounded good.

The mixer section was ok for the limited songs they had loaded to the machine but for what it had on it, was good.

Faders responded quite well but they were all a little too short for my taste.

The interface is clean but it is kinda funky till you get a feel for it.

Font is way too small, if i ever bought it I would end up needing glasses.

FX is way way way to few. Not feeling this section at all.

Anyways thought i would contribute something since i hadnt for a while.