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    great stuff. one thing I noticed is your phrasing. perhaps putting up cues a bit off in the song structure? good transitions thoh such as 11:40, beatmatching was clean.

    i see you like Low Battery too

    at 7:00, was the track put on reverse?

    15:20, im a sucker for the vocals from cool, I liked the breakdown transition.

    19:00, I liked the build up on that one sort of reseted the energy level in a way.

    overall, there are some parts where the song didnt seem like it fit but maybe its cause I felt like you seemed to ride the energy level if that was what you were going for. I enjoyed listening to it however

    Progressive Dutch House
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    @IznremiX - I watched that video. That was some crazy shit, haha. Awesome job!

    @Kiino - Thanks for the constructive thoughts. I do enjoy Low Battery! There's very little I don't like in this genre of music.

    The track at 7:00 was NOT in reverse, it's just a super funky track I ran across while going through my library, haha. Like I said initially, I spend about 15-20 seconds finding a track. So if I find something that may mesh well with what's currently playing, I'll grab it. Just so happened to be that track!

    I was really pissed that the remix of Sexy Bitch I loaded up had SUCH a drop in energy after the build. -_- Really made me sad, haha.

    And thanks for the comment on House Music. I really liked how it played out - the whine synth is one of my favorite things ever (I think that's why I dig dutch so hard).

    Regarding the whole fit, you are 100% correct! Mixing improv like this while trying to get around my library leads to some interesting song choices, mostly by accident...The transition around 10:40 is an AMAZING example of shitty song selection, or maybe just a bad cue point. Whatever the case, I made a poor decision, but it sort of worked itself out.

    You're also right in that the energy sort of catches me and I just roll with it. I was getting so into the song that was playing before it that I totally f'd up, haha. But that's all the fun of this live thing! Learning how to make due with what you get.

    Thanks again for the protips! I was going to do an hour long mix tonight, but I don't want to bother my neighbors, haha. I'll rock one out tomorrow.

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