How easy is it to DJ in ableton?
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    Default How easy is it to DJ in ableton?

    How easy is it to DJ in ableton? since i was gonna get it for becoming a producer I was thinking of selling my traktor pro serial and just use ableton. Can you like, make up stuff on the fly? i know i can make mashups and stuff so that was a plus. But can you really do anything quickly without planning?

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    can you really do anything quickly without planning?
    Anything that doesn't involve pulling a random track from your library into the set, yes.

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    It's TOTALLY different. Ableton's great at many many things, but for straight up mixing I'd rather use a dedicated DJ program any day.
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    But doesnt it sync it all so you can perfectly play them together. thats saying if they sound good together. If i wanted to go crazy with the cue point juggling and the scratching or something then i would go for traktor- but those really arent becoming part of my sets. Im starting to just kind of like make little mashups with sample decks while theres a drum loop in one deck and then I make my own instrumental with DJ Powertools in the other. In the middle I might put on a song and maybe use a few effects but thats how my sets usually go. So if you see what I mean- its basically what ableton was made for.

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    You do lots and lots of pre-work and it's fine. Means you make lots of clips and warp your tuff. With Traktor and other DJ tools you mostly just load tracks and make loops on the fly. Both are fine approaches even if I suspect Ableton Live is better for producers who have clips and want to re-use them while DJ Sw is better for DJ-centric work.

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