Using Your S4 With Additional Controllers
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    Default Using Your S4 With Additional Controllers

    I hope this thread serves as a place for people who use Kontrol S4's with additional controllers to post pics of their setups, their mods, TSI's, and info on how they utilize the other controllers. Additionally, to provide information to those who would like to use additional controllers or need help with their current setup, i'll start with my current setup;

    NI Kontrol S4 with personalized EQ & Fader Knobs with a Novation Launchpad (Mapped to be a Midi Fighter [w/ instant gratification] and total control over Decks A & B), Iphone 4 running TouchOSC through MIDI/Wifi with X/Y axis control and master fader backup control for Decks A-B-C-D, & Ipod Touch running Technobox 2 through USB (909 drum machine and sequencer emulator) for some addition FX input:

    Native Instuments Kontrol S4, Novation Launchpad, Ableton Live 8, Traktor Pro 2, TouchOSC, Ultrasone DJ1 Pro, Old School Macbook 13''

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    I use an Oxygen 49 for all 8 cue points on all decks, backwards loops, lots of super buttons and faders, FX 3 and 4 control, Fader Fx, playing a loop like a synth, buttons to change and turn on/off keylock, and recording controls.

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    Dude!! did an early 90's CGI club video just explode over your gear!!

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    aara can you please remove the full player from your sig. It's against the rules.

    I've since moved on, but this was just last month.

    The X1 did this

    Chris Jennings FHP

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