VCI-100SE Comfortable w/"Mundane" Mixing?
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    Default VCI-100SE Comfortable w/"Mundane" Mixing?

    Heya guys, I'm a total nOob but after cruising the FAQ and posts I don't see this:

    I have a macbook, and am getting a NI Audio 8 DJ (and Traktor LE) for starts, to see if I have any skillz left, and see if I can get into post-vinyl mixology. I am a long-off-the-board 2x550's-and-a-microphone kinda guy from the late 80's. I'm ultra-computer and pretty MIDI literate but not as a musician (I am a programmer and make online stores) so insane MIDI mapping etc. doesn't scare me.

    Q: Do you think the VCI-100SE would also be a good controller/mixer to run Traktor to do the "grind", the mundane birthday/wedding/holiday-inn-crap club scene?

    I love the demos of the SE version of the VCI-100, I love the insane "workflow" work that Ean put into it. "Workflow" is a word everyone should think of from the digiphoto world for sure, and its the excellent workflow embodied in the SE that makes me interested. I want to shred it up on my own time and get the skillz but I'll need to be able to do the "regular" DJ stuff that people expect around here--there is an awful lot of "country + hip-hop" scene here (Oklahoma), which I know will confuse most people outside the area. Country="Just play it", don't mix it. Hip-hop is just as wide-open here as anywhere, but, there is a big emphasis on the really-big-on-the-radio-RIGHT-NOW vs. any older/classic vibes.

    Based on the sounds I like, Ean's demos (that I like!) and the rig size I want to have (fits in UDG Producer Bag) to be able to "add-on" to a house setup and be mobile (Fender PD250? Mackies?) for a medium-sized room as well.

    Thanks in advance, the community is even more out there than it ever was!

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    I'll need to be able to do the "regular" DJ stuff that people expect around here
    No problem at all. If you stick to the basic setup and do not engage faderFx or Juggle mode, you'll get two or even 3/4 players with basic but soooo smarts play/cue/pause/sync actions
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    Yup the SE can be used for complex things or just simple things
    So you should have no problems with using it whatever your purpose.

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