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    Talking The Audit: New flashy mixtape

    Just finished my new mixtape, have a listen and tell me what you think, eh?
    Long story short, I'm taking the age old "musical journey" proverb for a spin.
    Full story and DL links in the blog, if you wanna nerd out.

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    I listened to your mix while chatting online with my friend about his video game related patent. Here's my feedback.

    - I thought the intro section was too vocal heavy. I don't mind tasteful vocals, as most of yours (except "iko iko", heh?) were, but I think that 4 out of the first 5 tracks had vocals.

    - Track selection in general was pretty good. On the more.. jackin? Side of.. house? Chicago house? I don't think you mentioned the exact genre in your post so sorry if I have mischaracterized it. Friendly, deep but pretty jackin.

    - Most of your mixes sounded good in terms of levels and were phrased reasonably. I heard a few times where your mix in was off in terms of phase, including one time where the bass was in on both records, leading to a bit of an elephant stampede.

    - I definitely got a pleasant mood from this mix, and am likely to listen to it again.

    - I appreciated the direct mp3 download link and tracklist. I would have appreciated a tracklist in the DJTT post, as I and many people like to see tracklists before clicking through or hitting play.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    great, thanks a lot for the feedback! Nice to hear what my collegues are saying, not just random people on facebook. Thanks again!

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