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    Default Draw me a koala - fish - mutant - bird

    Hey fellow techtoolers,

    This is my image set. It includes all the sounds I like to play. I put the emphasis on the music rather than the mixing. You'll notice that in the transitions, the EQing and the amount of effects I used.

    Would love all of your our opinions! Would you hire me based on this set?

    01. Intro - 'Clerks' dialogue (Does title dictate behavior?) w/ Wishes And Thieves - Lighthouse (Loop)
    02. Homework - Raw Groove - Original Mix // Rally Racquet Club EP // Made To Play
    03. Anette Party, Anita Coke - Moreno - Original Mix // Moreno / Twilight EP // liebe*detail
    04. Marc Romboy, Blake Baxter - Muzik - Kink Remix // Muzik EP // Systematic
    05. Stimming - Getting Out Of Something - Original Mix // Funkworm EP // Diynamic
    06. Agaric - Metro - Original Mix // Who Made Up The Rules // Ovum
    07. Frag Maddin - Sternbrücke - Original Mix // Hats And Drive EP // SoundCloud Giveaway
    08. Dürerstuben - Sonnenblut Am Platz der Perlen - Constantijn Lange Remix // Met Chin In Moo's Eak EP // Laut und Luise
    09. Joye Muniz - When The Morning Comes - JM Bootleg
    10. The Very Best - Nsokoto - Renaissance Man Remix // The Very Best Remixes of The Very Best // Moshi Moshi, V2
    11. Oliver Ton - The Whupp - Rene Burgeois 'Whupp That Ass' Remix // The Whupp EP // Rennbahn
    12. Justin Martin, Ardalan - LEZGO - Original Mix // LEZGO EP // dirtybird
    13. Evil Nine - Roar - Original Mix // Little Prince & Roar EP // Bad Life
    14. Housemeister, Boys Noize - nBaxx - Original Mix // Music Is Awesome // BNR
    15. Extrawelt - Stammgast - Original Mix// Titelheld EP // Cocoon
    16. Outro - Wishes And Thieves - Lighthouse // Lighthouse EP // Indie

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    I listened to your disk while xfs_repairing a gigantic RAID and watching my girlfriend play bookworm chronicles. I listened on my laptop speakers. Here's my feedback.

    - Did the clerks sample of randall get cut off at the start?

    - "Moreno" by Anette Party is the jam.. you mix into "Music" by Marc Romboy and in addition to it sounding slightly harmonically "off", I wanted to hear more of "Moreno" and paused your mix at this point to listen to it on Youtube. Choon.

    - Ok, back to "Music". Meh. I should like Marc Romboy/Blake Baxter more than I do, for some reason.

    - The next mix, the stimming track with the strings, sounds slightly off phase. Also you seem to have gotten noticabley quieter in terms of overall level.

    - The mix around 23 minutes seems a bit off harmonically to me. The bass on the incoming record sounds off.

    - 32 minutes, slightly off phase. Liking the track selection and progression otherwise, bopping right along.

    - 45 minutes, I talk to my gf about our appreciation for your track selection so far. As we both DJ house, this is probably a good sign?

    - 49 minutes, I think I hear you change the master tempo?

    - 51 minutes, does a track run out? I would have been fine in terms of overall length if you had ended here. But I don't tend to like mixes under 30 or over 60 minutes as a matter of personal taste.

    - We go downstairs to cook a snack and eventually turn off your mix around 76 minutes.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Hey Awesomer,

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and giving such great feedback. Some good pointers in here.

    To answer your question: Yes, Randall is cut off. I would have cut off at 'crazy shit', but I messed up and was to lazy to re-do the entire mix.

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