knobs for akai mpd26
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    Default knobs for akai mpd26

    looking to replace the knobs on my akai mpd26, but cant find any info on sizes. mpcstuff has some nice buttons, but they have a line on them to show the relative value. the knobs on the mpd26 are continuous turn, so id love to not have a line randomly there.

    any ideas? im also looking for faders as well, but those are an easier find. as far as style im looking for something colorful, a bit tall, maybe something that glows in the dark for visibility.


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    Hate to revive old threads like that, but did you or anyone else come across decent 360 knobs for the MPD?

    And while we're at it, I'm still searching for rubber feel fader sliders and can't find anything for the life of me...

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