Networks/Groups for Self-Promoting DJ's
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    Default Networks/Groups for Self-Promoting DJ's

    Hey DJTT,

    I'm wondering if you guys have linked up with any groups or networks that have really helped you to promote yourself, or helped you to broaden your fan base? This can be via Facebook, Soundcloud, or any sort of medium.

    Digital DJ Tips recently did an article, and helped me find a few, but as you may know, I'm hungry for more.

    Any takers? Networks or groups?
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    Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr and some other wanna-be services, Google+ might become better bust just now it's mostly too nerdy. But get your own web site and use that everywhere as the starting point for your other social accounts, mixes, gigs and so on.

    I wish MySpace would again become something good, just now it's on life support.

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