Bomes for switching APC 80 channels
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    Default Bomes for switching APC 80 channels

    So i saw a thread asking about an ableton/ traktor controller.

    Is it possible to use a latching foot switch. to change between traktor and ableton?
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    mmmm.....Like.....swap the screens? or control of the devices.

    So you mean like a switch that will then change from layer 1 to layer 2?

    I think that 'could' work.

    You will need to setup the LEDs to respond so you know what is happening and when you are in which layer visually.

    I know that I can control Traktor and Live on the same layer......have both programs open and devices loaded up and audio routing set. Then i can map midi from Traktor and Live on the same device. Certain buttons and knobs and faders will control Live and the rest Traktor. I was toying with this idea, but I would keep it on the same layer. (less work).

    Padi should be able to help answer that.
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