Trigger Finger TSP mapping problem...
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    Default Trigger Finger TSP mapping problem...

    Hey guys,
    Im new to mapping, but have a very basic knowledge. What i want is to map my trigger finger to traktor. i want to have 4 different states or pages for the controller. i know i can do this using modifiers, but what i want is the modifier number to be controlled by one knob... i.e the nob at a certain position corresponds with a certain state or modifier. Ive tried playing with controller manager but just cant figure out how to do it. Will i need external midi software???

    Thanks for your help in advance!


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    Hello Simon, welcome.

    Create a modifier that will be your Knob, set it as a fader/knob, as relative and check the sensitivity so when you move to from left to right, it's course will move the modifier's value (you can see that in the modifiers' frame inside the controller manager). So for example if you want 4 values you need to set it up so it moves from 0 to 3 (4 values). Be really careful in the settings chosen as you don't want to have your knob pushing the value to 4.

    Try that and tell us if that works for you.

    take care
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    That did the trick!! thanks so much for your help, will be sure to post up the mapping when its complete.

    thanks again,

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