beatcounting question.
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    Default beatcounting question.

    I use Itch with V7s and love it. I have been working on adding an sl1200 to my mix and would love a way to do a quick beatcount/beatmatch with my V7s. I am completely clueless if I can use TAP on the V7 to somehow do this. Any thoughts on a painless/cheap way to get a quick BPM on my vinyl so i can quickly mix a V7?

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    the tap on the V7's I believe is for the effects so you can set what bpm's you want them for. I'd just write the BPM on the vinyl and beatmatch your V7's in.
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    Easiest and most rewarding method here is just learn to beat match.

    Unless you're playing jungle, breakcore, insane darkstep etc it's really easy.
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    Not sure if this works in itch (I mainly use SSL), but it should:
    1. Play your vinyl record
    2. load a tune in a free virtual deck
    3. click the bpm area in the header.
    4. tap using the computer keyboard spacebar
    5. when confident about the tempo, press esc to leave the original tempo for the song
    6. Viola, you now know the approx tempo for your playing vinyl, match the rest by ear and mix away...
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