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    Hey, I have had a Hercules Rmx for a little while now, but im not very good at Djing yet D:
    I also have two Stanton T.62 turntables

    Im just here to check out the fourms, and to get some advice, and info on Djing :P

    I was thinking about upgrading to the Traktor Kontrol S2 (as I have seen a lot of suff on youtube suggesting it is a LOT better then Vdj)

    The problem is, apperently the S2 does not have any inputs D: So to connect the turntables, I would have to eather keep my Hercules Rmx (which I was planning to sell), or buy the S2 and a TA6 sound card, to connect the turntables to the computer

    I dont know what I should do.
    I was also thinking of getting a S4, but again, I have to ground the turntables, and I dont see anywhere to ground them on the S4. Do I have to buy a sound card anyway?

    Another thing I was wondering, Where do people get samples and stuff?
    Like one of the videos I watched, had "Horn stabs" Which I thought was pretty cool.

    and when I see scratching, sometimes they don't use songs, but like, idk samples on a track? I have heard the "aww yeah" thing being scratched

    Sy, for all the questions, im just trying to figure this whole thing out

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    s4 + scratch upgrade --- and you can use your tts with it. that would be the best option for what you want -- or get the ta6 and a mixer and run 2 decks in traktor that way.

    or ditch the midicontroller and get an sl2 box + a mixer

    all depends on how you wanna mix, as you seem to have only really used vdj
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    Ya I've heard one song. It's called Skrillex.
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    Instead of the S4 and the Scratch Upgrade (what is a Scratch upgrade?) Would it be possable to use the S2 and the upgrade? (to save on money.)

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    The scratch upgrade is available after you purchase the S4. The upgrade is a software change that gives you a digital vinyl system. It comes with time coded vinyl "records" that send a signal to the software so you play your digital files as if they were on the time coded vinyl. This is commonly called a DVS (digital vinyl system)

    You can also hook up your turntables to the S4 and use real records with the S4 as the mixer.

    There are scratch samples that come with Traktor, and tons of them for purchase online. Or you can just find good spots in your own tracks.

    The S2 doesn't have the inputs for turntables.

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    Ok, thanks. I have two serrato timecoded vynals with Vdj.

    Hopefully I am going to get a job as a lifeguard soon. I will pratice, and get better with what I have in the meantime. While I save up for the S4

    Tutorials on YouTube have been pretty helpful.

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    ^ goodluck!
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