I'v recently been offered a mates Maschine for 400 (i could get it cheaper). But i know its 6 months old and in the past 3 months has been used twice..

Now after researching a bit, i have a few questions. Doe's the Maschine come with two licenses like TSP so i can use it on my iMac for Ableton and on my Macbook for portable gigging/studio work or just the one license?

Also i have been looking at quite a lot of videos for the Maschine but most of them are either hip-hop based with Traktor Scratch or digital based controlling Traktor.

Anybody got any videos they know of for using the Maschine with Traktor Scratch (CDJ's or TT's) with EDM?

Next question is, what comes with the Maschine altogether and is it work it? I'm looking to expand from my TT's/CDJ's to more Traktor Scratch based but with a X1 (Already own one) and the Maschine.