how to replace keyboard with arcade buttons?
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    Default how to replace keyboard with arcade buttons?

    Well, one guy in town came up to me and asked why I use arcade buttons( the midi fighter) and naturally I just told him that its because they feel amazing and they're super responsive. He says he would love to try something with the arcade buttons for a month or two and I would love to give him my midifightersss- but i need them. So i offered him that I would take his USB keyboard and transform it into like two midifighters. His keyboard looks like this.

    and I plan on making something like this

    I put the keyboard there just so it doesn't go to waste and now he doesnt have to touch his laptop.

    Now i thought this would be a fun project- especially since he is paying for everything except the enclosure which I am making from some wood laying in my garage.

    now the only thing I dont know how to do is solder the arcade buttons onto the keys. I know how but i dont know where is really what i should say. Here is a picture of the insides...

    there is another keyboard I can try or is it easier to just take two numpads? cuz i think there are 16 buttons on each one. Right?
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    I think you should try an (older) difrent keyboard.
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    one with a big pcb and no matrix... gonna be hard to find

    unless this one would work

    theres probably tons of those in my garage..
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