nanoPAD malFUNKtion...
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    Default nanoPAD malFUNKtion...

    Greetings all -

    Thinking about smashing this thing to little bits but will probably just return it in hopes that it really is this controller that is broken and NOT my brain....but thought we would try here first. Been told that the most knowledgeable people are here (obvious stroke, right?).....thanks for looking...

    Korg NanoPAD -
    The problem; Notes (beats / hits) are missing, skipped. They just seem to keep getting dropped from the recording.

    Using Lexicon Alpha Recording Studio, Cubase LE5 sequencing software plus
    EZDrummer Lite.

    Running Windows XP Home (SP-3), w/Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz, 2.25 gigs ram, on Dell Dimension 4700.

    Have all of the latest drivers for this padKontrol and the Korg Kontrol editor. installed and working properly. Under ten midi device drivers on our machine.

    Seems that the EZDrummer samples that we place at the beginning of the recording tracks do not seem to be affected. This is what leads us to believe this may indeed be a hardware problem and that the device itself may be malfunctioning. Have tried changing latency settings - no help. Have NOT tried changing any Velocity Curves yet because well, frankly, I/we don't know how. Only running this one midi device right now, so channel settings should not be an issue. We would be grateful for any help but please explain in very simple terms - total noob.

    Thx very much!

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    it's only sending midi so not sure where you mentioning your "recording" comes into play....

    you mean at the time you are playing the pads you're not hearing any drum sounds etc from the software you are using?

    if so then try hitting them harder (which i presume you have tried?) or download the korg nano editor. i only have a nanokey+nanokontrol so not sure what options u can tweak on the nanokontrol.

    personally i went with an akai lpd8 for drum pads as i read so many bad reports about the nanopad.
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