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    Arrow Visual DJ mix

    Been working a while on the visual setup and with my newly arrived Twitch things are starting to come together. What do you guys think?

    Oh, and please watch in HD, otherwise it will look and sound like crap.


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    very cool visuals and sounds. throw up a tracklist if uve got time

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    impressiv visuals at min 04:00 ! big ups all in all solid mixing man! i really liked it. maybe iīll make it to sweden in late fall and crash on your couch!
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    very cool, what software does this?

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    Glad you guys like it!

    The video and audio are handled separate, I have always found video-sl and other video-dj software to be very limited and quite hard to do anything good looking. On the audio side itís Twitch and Itich. The visuals is driven by Resolume, APC40 and a lot of creative mapping. It's all running on one laptop so it's quite a mobile setup.

    earl panda: let me know if you get here!

    Btw, if anyone knows some club owners with large screens, hook me up! Iím looking for fun gigs to play.

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    marouf88, here's the tracklist:

    Shout The Way We See The World (Jay Amato Mix 2011) - Tears 4 Fears vs. Afrojack, D. Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo
    Babylon (Urchins 'Babble On' Remix) - Congorock
    Sexx (Matt Sayers Remix) - Style Of Eye
    We Are Boys (Original Mix) - Style of Eye

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