Controller Decision Help!!
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    Default Controller Decision Help!!

    Hey DTT one of my first post here and also quiet an important one!

    I've been really looking at the prospect of buying into a new hobby of djing but the type of music I already listen to and produce to some degree is making me lean towards something digital and i've been looking at 2 controllers and im not 100% sure what to get!

    I've been looking at the Reloop Mixage and the Novation Twitch more leaning towards Novation Twitch as I think it will give me room to grow into (Only 16, Got alot of spare time too). I've already got good concepts of music after spending about 2 years of my life messing around with dubstep, electro house and dnb in FL Studio (Sampling, Midi Crap, Loops) and I wouldnt say im a complete beginner.

    What would you say I should lean towards? I want something conventional that will let me have fun but have a more serious learning curve into the dj scene

    EDIT: I also dont want to buy something that i'll be wanting the new version of in 6 weeks either!

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    I don't see anything particularly different between this and the other zillion 'my first controller' threads so I'll give you the generic advice of getting something with pitchfaders and jogwheels so you can learn to beatmatch and therefore DJ in any number of situations and circumstances.
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    if you look down the first page of the general discussion page you will a few other people asking the same thing...

    1. how much do you want to spend?
    2. what style of music? (let me guess...dubstep and/or electro?)
    3. Save some money for one likes a pirate...
    4. Go down to Guitar Center and put your hands on the equipment
    5. make decision
    6. practice
    7. practice more
    8. come back and tell us how badass you are
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    Default As a fellow beginner...

    I'm in the same starting position you are, as in I'm still not sure about my first big controller decision. My advice would be to keep reading and keep looking and once you can get through the day without changing your mind then buy. Worst case scenario, you return it and get something else. That's my plan for discovering what my controller/dj preferences are.

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