Dubstep rap mix/mashup
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    Default Dubstep rap mix/mashup

    hey guys, do me a massive favor and listen to my mix/mashup! Only started doing mixes about a week ago so go easy on me please feedback and follows would really be appreciated!:P thanks


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    I listened to your mix a few days ago, streaming via subsonic on the phone, through a cassette adapter into the car stereo. I was driving from New Hampshire to Rhode Island, during rush hour. Here's my feedback.

    - Tracklisting and proper soundcloud embed in djtt = moar plays = moar feedback.

    - The mastering of this mix was really, really rough. The levels on the tracks seemed very uneven and the source material sounded like you had downloaded it from youtube. These tracks are already harsh and aggressive, when it's low quality or the levels are blown, it is EAR RAPE.

    - The mashups were very busy. I guess some of them were sorta ok, but the phrasing was off, the vocal seemed to begin more or less randomly and end more or less randomly.

    - I hate most of the dubstep tracks you used. Ughstep.

    - Although it was only 18 minutes long (why?) I turned it off about 12 minutes in because I couldn't stand it anymore. It was stressing me out.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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